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At-home dog training over video chat


GoodPup is the best way for your dog to learn.


Work one-on-one with a certified trainer


Train at home where your dog can focus


Track your progress each week

Our Customers Love Us

"I have a boxer, and his name is Bruce. I was told by friends and roommates that he was untrainable. My puppy was a little mess! I downloaded the app. I saw progress within that first week. And now my boy can do all his basic commands. He has graduated his puppy training. Couldn’t be more satisfied. Thank you GoodPup!"

Jesse and Bruce (a 4-month old Boxer)

"By far the best training app I’ve encountered. The team is so friendly and always available to answer questions 24/7. They’ve really helped us move forward with training our puppy. Very knowledgable and professional. I 100% recommend this app."

Megan and Izzy (a 3-month old Lab Mix)

"Our trainer is great. Our whole family loves talking with her through video chat and the training lessons have already helped my puppy become better behaved. We also used the chat room to ask a medical question and the advice was really helpful. Every new puppy owner should get this app."

Jan and George (a 4-month old Boston Terrier)